Apprenticeship Retro

Oct 14 2016

At the time of this writing I have approximately two weeks until the my apprenticeship comes to a close. I will not be blogging during the these last two weeks, so for what is likely to be my last blog post as an apprentice, I wanted to reflect on what I have since June.


7 Books read to date




Beyond apprenticeship

I have had plenty to keep me busy over the last 5 months. As the apprenticeship has been winding down, I have started to plan my approach continuing my growth as a developer.

As of now I have three things that I would like to start or continue with after my apprenticeship ends.

  1. Blog 1-4 times a month

    I have learned so much just by writing about something I don’t know about or fully understand yet. I would like to keep that up, but I would like to spend a bit more time on each post to get them nice and polished, and fully fleshed out.

  2. Do a kata every day that I code

    When I was studying music in college, I had a professor that would say “you should practice your instrument every day that you eat”. I am going to adapt that a bit, and do a kata every day that I open my laptop to write code.

  3. Always have a technical book that I am working

    Is there really anything to say about this one?


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